There are things in this world that most of us would never know about. Planking comes to mind as one of those Internet sensations that came and went just like the career of Rebecca Black. Thanks to the Internet anyone can get their 15 minutes of fame at the touch of a button and then be auto tuned into a recording star like Jude Walker's favorite person Sweet Brown.

The young lady in this video has talent. She also has rhythm and a  plastic cup and that is all she needs to make the Internet hungry for more. I am glad we have this vast resource to look into the lives of others. I think it brings us closer as a community when we see that for the most part people are just trying to do what we are all trying to do. Get noticed and to be told that we matter. Even if it is for the most insignificant talent we could ever imagine. I do hope this young lady will keep singing and keep reaching out to those of us that are looking to find the next superstar to fill up the next 15 minutes.

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