The Louisiana Outdoor Expo doesn't have to have the extra draw of media celebrities to get people to attend. When you put an exhibit of hunting, fishing, and outdoors equipment on display in South Louisiana you will naturally draw a crowd. But the past few years the Louisiana Outdoor Expo has always brought in some pretty big names. This year's celebrity guests and performers are outstanding too.

I'm sure many of you got your picture made with Uncle Si last year. Maybe the year before with Troy Landry of TV's Swamp People captured your attention. This year there is a celebrity that is flying or should I say skiing below the radar just a bit. How many times can you say you've met the star of a Country Music Video and got to watch them perform?

If you look closely at Brad Paisley's video for Riverbank you will notice the boats, the babes and the bikinis but the star that steals show, even from Brad himself is going to make an appearance the Louisiana Outdoor Expo.

That water skiing squirrel is the legendary Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel and she will be performing for you through out the Expo July 25, 26 and 27th. There is no word when, where, or if Twiggy will be signing autographs but you can bet she will have her picture taken thousands of times and I bet there will be a video or two of her popping up on Facebook.

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