uncle si

Uncle Si Gets Serious
We all know and love Uncle Si from "Duck Dynasty" for his carefree and playful attitude. However, there is actually a serious side to Uncle Si when it comes to talking about his his Wife, kids, and God.
Uncle Si Corn Maze!
Corn Dawgs in Loganville, Georgia is celebrating in their second annual professional rodeo by opening its corn maze, designed to look like Uncle Si Robertson from "Duck Dynasty"!
Meet Uncle Si At The Cajundome [Video]
Calling all hunters, fishers, and outdoors men/women:  the Louisiana Outdoor Expo has officially kicked off! You do not want to miss an entire weekend filled with four-wheelers, boats, Labradors, BBQ pits, guns, fishing poles/rods, etc. One of the coolest parts about this weekend's expo is…
Uncle Si Look-a-Like
We got an email from listener Tomi Touchet proclaiming how his stepdad, Teddy Bares, looks a lot like Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty. Of course, at first we were a bit skeptical. Who walking amongst us looks like that tea-sipper?