******(Updated: 8:50 AM 03/19/2019) We have learned the identity of our "Mystery Man". The young man's name is Connor Manuel. Connor actually is a member of the Eunice Volunteer Fire Department.

He told us that when he saw what was happening with the vehicle his training just took over. He not only helped get Ms. Thibeaux out of her vehicle and to safety. He helped with traffic until first responders were able to get the situation under control.

Connor's selfless act is a testament to the kind of people that serve our communities as volunteer firefighters. It's also a great testament to the fact that most people are in fact, good.


(Original Story) All we know about him is that he is likely in his 20's. He has blonde hair. He also wears a uniform of some kind at his job. Oh yeah, he drives a green pickup truck. That's what he may look like to us but to Alfrelisha Thibeaux he must have looked like an angel.

Monday morning Thibeaux was driving her SUV along I-10  near Ambassador Caffery Parkway about 6 AM when she noticed her car's engine starting to make an odd noise. She pulled over to the shoulder and was attempting to contact her fiance' when a stranger, Alfrelisha's angel, knocked on her window and told her to get out her car immediately.

Alfrelisha's SUV was on fire. 

Thibeaux, who is six months pregnant, had to awkwardly slide across the front seat to exit the passenger door because traffic on the driver's side was too heavy. She exited the vehicle and managed to escape into the ditch just as her SUV burst into flames.

The man who alerted Thibeaux to the danger stayed by her side until first responders showed up at the scene. The mystery man then left once he saw that Alfrelisha was in good hands.

Unfortunately for Ms. Thibeaux, her vehicle was a total loss, but it's safe to say her faith in humanity is stronger than ever. The only problem is that Alfrelisha and her family don't know the identity of the kind stranger who took time to pull over and save her life.

They'd like to thank him in person. Quite frankly, so would I. So, if you know the identity of this Good Samaritan please let us know. so we can let the Thibeaux family know and we can all say Thank You together.


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