Can you believe that this February will mark the 25th Anniversary of Operation Desert Storm? For those of us that covered it in the media it seems like just last week. I am sure for the men and women who served and their families that waited with anticipation it is an anniversary that still hits very close to home.

The National Guard Museum at Jackson Barracks in New Orleans is creating an exhibit to honor the anniversary of Desert Storm and the Louisiana National Guardsmen who played such a large part in it. They are looking to secure artifacts to put on display to help tell the true story of what our Guardsmen went through in the desert.

We will have screens that kind of do soundbites from the different interviews and share what their experiences were like and we’re looking at the lower ranking individuals to give their perspective.

Museum Director Captain Heather Englehart made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network about the exhibit. The Captain says they are asking for artifacts of all kinds to be a part of the display.

Artifacts that can be anything from, ‘I drank out of this mug that was sent to me by so and so or I found this thing while I was there’ to copies of their photographs.

If you'd like to find out more about how to donate an artifact you are encouraged to contact Beverly Boyko at (504) 278-8024. The exhibit is expected to open at the museum in February.

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