For many job seekers in the state of Louisiana the first issue is just landing a gig that pays a decent salary. There is very little consideration given to three, five, or even ten years down the road.

The problem is the need for money now trumps any vision for the future later. This often leaves talented Louisiana workers in dead jobs with no real direction or plan to get to the lifestyle they want to lead.

That was then, but this is now and thanks to the Louisiana Workforce Commission a new smartphone app could change that. The new app is called My Life My Way and users can download it for use on their personal device. Tom Guraisco, a spokesman for LWC, explained the reasoning behind the app to the Louisiana Radio Network.

"So you can make sure if you want to drive a brand new pickup truck or live in a certain house, it factors that in based on what city you've chosen and will connect you to the right careers,"

The app breaks down the state into 8 regions and helps job seekers and career climbers factor in the cost of living and the cost of dreaming in each of these regions. After gathering information from the use, the app then makes a suggestion for jobs that offer benefits in the salary range needed to afford the users desired lifestyle.

"And you can either apply for jobs directly, or if you don't qualify and have to go through a journey or process. You can connect to training providers in your area that will prepare you."

Designers of this application hope that this will help Louisiana job seekers make better long term choices for gainful employment. The app is free for anyone who is seeking a job in the state or seeking to relocate to the state and wishes to find a better job with the desired benefits and salary they desire.

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