A University of Louisiana at Lafayette research facility based in New Iberia has been cited by the United States Department of Agriculture. The New Iberia Research Center was cited for both injury and death to two monkeys and for allowing monkeys to escape their cages.

The report by the USDA alleges that in one instance a monkey was electrocuted to death and another had leg broken due to improper handling. This is not the first time the facility has felt the scrutiny of government regulators. In 2011 the facility was fined $38,000 after it was determined that three rhesus monkeys died of negligence.

Co-founder of the animal rights group Stop Animal Exploitation Now , Michael Budkie told the Louisiana Radio Network that the facility has a history of improper care for their animals.

The University of Louisiana-Lafayette at the New Iberia primate center has an ongoing pattern of negligence, which is injuring and killing animals.

Budkie went on to say that the methods of testing and research being done at the facility is outdated.

Using animals to approximate human physiology is last-century technology.

The report filed by the USDA did say that the facility had take corrective actions and made changes to insure that the well being of the animals at the facility was a top priority.  The report suggested that the facility indicated it would continue to be committed to bio-medical research and to the well being of the animals housed at the complex.


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