Misterios LaRutaVerde via You Tube
Misterios LaRutaVerde via You Tube

There is a rather popular South Louisiana dance tune called "Who Stole My Monkey". In this case it's not a pilfered primate, it's the state that has seized a Church Point woman's spider monkey. The reason for the seizure of the monkey is because of a state law that requires owners of exotic pets to obtain a state permit.

It would seem that Justine Quinn of the Acadia Parish community of Church Point is familiar with the law. However she has owned her pet, Darwin, for over 13 years. This means she had the spider monkey three years before the state passed the exotic pets law. She believes she is grandfathered in because of that fact.

When they seized him, I got an attorney, and I filed a lawsuit with Wildlife and Fisheries to get him back to my care.

Quinn made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network in a story published on Saturday.

This is not the first time that Darwin has been seized. He was taken from Quinn in 2014. She fought to have him returned and after four months he was returned to her care. She noted that during his time away the primate condition had deteriorated from when he was removed from her care.

Wildlife and Fisheries actually seized another lady’s primate several years prior to taking Darwin, and they took him to a zoo in Monroe, which is where Darwin is right now, and that monkey actually died in their care.

The reason for the seizure this time according to Quinn.

Wildlife and Fisheries is saying that they took him because he’s contraband and evidence because I do not have a permit for a primate in the state of Louisiana.

When asked about the case LDWF officials did not comment.



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