We are anxiously awaiting the return of sports in the United States. The COVID-19 crisis has pretty much put a screeching halt to live sports, and with the exception of a couple of NASCAR races that were run without any fans, and WrestleMania 36, it's been a barren field for sports lovers. And of course, there's also the possibility that when football returns in late summer/early fall, that real live bodies won't be in the stands to see their favorite teams play. Yikes. Can you even imagine a Saints football game in the Superdome without the WHO DAT nation in attendance?

According to NOLA.com, the upcoming NFL season could be different in a few other ways too. The NFL Player's Association Medical Director Thom Mayer spoke to the Adam Schefter podcast Monday about the possibility of using helmets that include face masks with surgical or N95 material help limit the spread of COVID-19 for players. Right now the NFL is reportedly testing these helmets ahead of the 2020 season.

The prototypes are being designed by the Oakley company, who already are under contract to make visors for players. Mayer admits the modifications will probably look a little different, but "It is realistic to think the new designs could cover a player's entire face mask". He also went on to say that of course, other measures will be used to keep players safe. Things like social distancing measures when not on the field, single use hydration for water or Gatorade, and possibly putting masks on as soon as helmets are taken off to minimize chances of getting infected with the virus.

Of course, the Saints have already been touched by COVID-19, with head coach Sean Payton contracting the virus in March, and wide receiver Austin Carr's wife Erica diagnosed with the virus in April after she went into labor.

Check out the entire schedule for our New Orleans Saints, and get ready for a (hopefully) fun and exciting 2020 season.



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