During the last Presidential debate, the term "Nasty Woman" went viral the second it came out of Donald Trump's mouth. A New Orleans designer took it to the next level by making a "Nasty Woman" t-shirt, and now that has gone viral too.

Amanda Brinkman from New Orleans has a bonafide hit on her hands with the "Nasty Woman" t-shirts she designed. According to nola.com she has received more than 11,000 orders for the shirt, including orders from Katy Perry!

What's even more amazing is that the shirt has only been available for about a week.

She first listed it for sale via her Instagram page and got 45 orders. Not bad.

Then someone else on Instagram with 100 times as many followers shared it and the orders started to snowball. That was only the beginning.

From nola.com -

Brinkman had apparently tapped into the post-debate zeitgeist. By the next morning, her T-shirt appeared in the online fashion magazines Teen Vogue, and The Cut. Eventually the design would pop up in 75 publications.


If you want to get your hand on one, you can get yours over at googleghost.com


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