I can tell you from personal experience it is very unnerving to hear the fire alarm go off in your hotel while you are sound asleep. It is even more unnerving when you happen to be on the 20th floor when that alarm goes off. It happened to me and my family in New Orleans about 10 years ago. It happened again at a Canal Place Hotel in the Crescent City last night. 

Police in New Orleans ordered the Westin Hotel at Canal Place evacuated shortly before 9 PM last night. Witnesses at the scene described the evacuation of guests as orderly but to say some people were annoyed would be an understatement.  After all, if you've never experienced the joy of walking down 20 flights of stairs trust me,  you'll get annoyed pretty quickly.

The reason for the evacuation was a reported bomb threat. New Orleans Police did a clean sweep of the building. No device was found and guests were allowed to return to their rooms about 9:25 PM. Police say their investigation into the threat is ongoing.

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