Other than being an unintentional law breaker I have never considered myself someone who would run afoul of society's rules. As the old song goes, "I am too lazy to work and too nervous to steal". I would imagine being an armed robber would have its high-pressure moments but I can't say for sure since I have never actually done it.

Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was chicken grease, I could accept either of these as reasons why a would-be robber in New Orleans aborted his attempt to take money from a Church's Fried Chicken in New Orleans 7th Ward.

The incident, that happened about 9:30 on Wednesday, unfolded like this. A guy dressed in dark clothing entered the Church's Chicken through an unlocked side door. He ordered the employees to empty the safe. When he racked his weapon the handgun's ammunition magazine fell to the floor.

The rattled robber had to reach down to retrieve his bullets and at that time decided the robbery wasn't going as planned. So, he fled the scene on foot. New Orleans police are still searching for a suspect.

Because it makes for a better story, I say let's chalk this one up as a win for chicken grease. The South's favorite reason to lick your fingers and a real reason why robbing a fried chicken place can be pretty hard to do.


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