In less than 60 days voters in our state will go to the polls to elect our next Governor. Welcome to the calm before the storm. This race for the state's top job has been  unusually quiet but speculation is that by the time we're all settle back in after the long Labor Day weekend the first political shots will have been fired via radio and TV.

If you've been watching the race for the past few months like we have you know David Vitter is the name most often mentioned as the front runner. Through the course of the past few months we have seen polls showing his lead among prospective voters growing smaller and smaller. In fact a new poll by Triumph Campaigns has Vitter in a dead heat with the lone Democrat in the race John Bel Edwards.

The telephone survey which was intentionally pared down to focus on the Governor's race surveyed over  2-thousand Louisiana voters and the results of the poll showed David Vitter had 31% of the vote and John Bel Edwards had 30% of the vote. Pollsters say the margin of error in this particular poll was plus or minus 2.1%. That makes it a virtual tie between Edwards and Vitter.

The other two prominent candidates Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne polled in at 13 and 14 percent respectively.  The poll showed that 11 percent of Louisiana voters were undecided.  Voters in Louisiana will go to the polls on October 24th.  Information for this article was compiled from a report published by the Louisiana Radio Network.