Oh, how I miss the days of the frenetic rhythm guitar of ELO's Fire On High and the sound of Brent Musberger telling me that I was " looking live" at some football stadium somewhere in the country. That's how NFL games used to start on television when I was a kid.

Nowadays it seems as if every football game on every level has some kind of hyped up introduction and fully produced music video sung by a superstar of some musical genre. The NFL Sunday Football broadcast has relied on Faith Hill and now Carrie Underwood to handle those chores.

This season there is a new Carrie Underwood Sunday Night Football Opening and it appears as if NFL fans don't really like it that much.

And those are some of the nicer comments that people made via social media. While most of the disfavor was not directed directly at Carrie, there were quite a few people who simply did not like the song.

But then again this is America where baseball has stepped aside and allowed arguing about insignificant things on social media our national past time. Personally, I don't care either way about Carrie's open for Sunday Night Football. Unless the Saints are playing I don't usually turn it on.

Now if they had Brent Musburger and ELO lined up to sing before kickoff I would at least tune in to see if the boys still had it.


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