If you didn't solidify your retirement plans with last night's Mega Millions drawing don't worry. You still have your chance at millions tonight with the Powerball game.

The nation's two big multi-state lottery games, when added together, could just about solve Louisiana's budget crisis. The Mega Millions game which had a drawing last night now has an estimated top prize estimated to be $303 million on Friday. The Powerball jackpot which will be drawn for tonight is at an estimated $261 million.

As you've probably figured out, it's been a while since either of these contests has had a big money winner. It didn't happen Tuesday with Mega Millions it might happen tonight with Powerball.

One thing you'll want to remember about both of these games is there are multiple ways to win money even if don't claim the top prize. Be sure to check your tickets or check with the Louisiana Lottery website after each drawing to verify the winning numbers and make sure you aren't holding some cash you weren't aware of.

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