Here is question that Jude Walker and I have bantered about for many years during the morning show here at The Dawg. "At what point does the Powerball become big enough for your to play?" I know many of us don't even consider playing the lottery at all. That is a choice you make and good for you if you  make it. For those that do play, why does it have to reach a certain number before it becomes worth your money to take a chance?

Did you know the current Powerball jackpot is estimated to be at $137 million dollars?That would be an estimated cash payout of 87.9 million dollars according to the Powerball website. I could probably find a way to get comfortable with a financial windfall of that amount. I don't know for me that 88 million dollars would be a whole lot different than 188 million dollars. Maybe I just don't have the desire to acquire things.

Regardless, nobody won last night and the next drawing is on Saturday. If you choose to play, good luck!

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