The most famous buck-toothed beaver in the United States, OK, the world, is apparently  not welcome in North Carolina. For those of us who have made the trek to Texas, and now Alabama, to grab some beaver nuggets, tater tots, brisket sandwiches, and endless flavors of kolaches, this has us scratching our heads. In fact, we would kill to have one of the 64,000 square ft. convenience stores that include 60 gas pumps, a 250 ft car wash and an in-house home decor department right here in Louisiana!

But apparently Eflin, North Carolina is saying "no thank you" to the beaver. The tiny town in Orange County even formed a concerned citizens group to try and prevent the megastore from breaking ground in their state. According to the Houston Chronicle, "A Voice 4 Efland & Orange" member Del Ward is saying part of the reason they are giving a hard pass to Buc-ee's is “A lot of it goes to the identity of this county, and that’s not a massive eighty-foot bucktooth beaver sign with billboards saying ‘LOL, It’s Party Time.’ It’s quite frankly tacky." And, if we're being honest, that is part of the charm of Buc-ee's.

But, the concerned citizens, who, frankly, don't know what they are missing out on, won over the city council, and the Buc-ee's folks backed off the project. But to be fair, they are not the first to protest the building of the beaver. Even in Texas, the communities of Corinth, Denton and Boerne all said "No" to Bucees, but Denton and Boerne got one anyway. We don't know what the problem is, we would pretty much do anything to get one of those "Have a Willie, Willie Nice Day" tee shirts right about now. Check out a tour of the New Braunfels, Texas store from ForeverPPL below.



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