It was a simple vote. With that simple vote the Louisiana Senate effectively ended the 2015 session of the Louisiana Legislature. There had been calls, especially from members of the House for the legislative body to convene in a special session to reconsider some of the legislation that was vetoed by outgoing Governor Bobby Jindal.

In order to call a special session of the legislature both bodies of the legislature, the house and the senate, must vote with a simple majority to hold the session. The Senate was the catalyst this time for cancelling the session.

Many pundits speculated that issues involving teachers, education, and pensions for public workers that had been vetoed by the Governor would be enough for legislators to want to convene and overturn. Obviously, they were not so the final gavel for this year was in fact the final gavel. It's not that big of a surprise since the last time the Louisiana Legislature voted to have a veto session was in 1974.

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