Step aside, George Jones! A North Dakota man has carved out his spot in infamy after being convicted of DUI on a zamboni.

27-year-old Steven James Anderson will spend nine days in a North Dakota jail, pay a fine, and go to rehab as part of his sentence.

No, he was not arrested during a beer league game.

According to reports, Anderson was resurfacing the ice during a girls' high school game when spectators noticed he was driving erratically.  Another tell-tale sign of Mr. Anderson's inebriation was his shouting to the audio operator to "crank it up" during an AC/DC song.

The school principal on duty stopped the game and called police.  Anderson blew a .314 on his breathalyzer test--nearly four times the legal limit.

Anderson says he's been sober since the January incident and that he wants to put this incident behind him.