I can't imagine life without a dog. We have had dogs in our family ever since my wife and I got married over three decades ago. Sure, we've gone a week or two in between pets as we transitioned from one animal to another but, by the Grace of God, have never had a dog taken away from me prematurely.

**Warning what you're about to read could make you physically ill. Pet owners in North Korea have been told by Kim Jong Un that they will have to give up their pooches. To make matters even worse, the reason for the executive order is so that some of the animals may be sold to restaurants for their meat.

The move by Kim Jong Un was seen as a diplomatic move of sorts as he tries to settle tensions in his closely governed country over economic concerns, namely a shortage of food. 

Dogs are looked upon in North Korean culture as a luxury item. Only the very rich and influential have pet dogs. Most families in North Korea have livestock if they are fortunate. They might have a pig or a cow but having an animal that isn't raised for work or for food is basically unheard of among the common people.

Supporters of Kim Jong Un, which is everybody publicly, say the move is a good one that will help North Korea stave off western influences including capitalist decadence of which owning a dog is the unofficial symbol.

Those with inside information on North Korea say the anti-pet order has created much resentment against the North Korean leader among his most powerful backers. However, even the rich and powerful aren't really in a country with such a unique mindset as North Korea.


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