For many of us, our best relationships have been brought about by meeting someone on the job. Many of my best friends are people I currently share office space with. In most cases, workplace friendships are encouraged. However, relationships that go beyond the definition of just friends are frowned upon.

Remember, that logic applies in most jobs but not all jobs.

A DeRidder police officer has tendered his resignation following allegations that he was performing traffic stops on female drivers and then sending them friend requests on social media. DeRidder Police Chief Craig Richard told KPLC television that two females, one who is a minor, had filed complaints with the District Attorney's office outlining allegations against Officer William Reed.

According to the KPLC story, the women were pulled over by Reed in early June. Shortly after the traffic stop, both women were allegedly sent friend requests from Officer Reed. In both cases, the only contact the women had shared with Officer Reed was the traffic stop.

Officer Reed was notified of the complaints against him on June 16th. A few hours after that notification Officer Reed tendered his resignation from the department. As of the time of his resignation, Officer Reed had not been charged with any criminal offenses.

However, the investigation into both incidents is ongoing. Chief Richard, in the story published by KPLC, wanted to be very clear about the seriousness of these allegations against one of his, now former, officers.

I want anyone in the public to feel free to contact the police department if they feel unprofessional conduct has happened. We will look into those matters, to keep our agency and our employees as professional as we can be.

Officer Reed had been on staff with the DeRidder Police Department since 2018.


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