One of my fondest memories as a child and favorite things to do as a father is make panckes for my kids. Since I work the morning show here at 97.3 The Dawg that means I only get to do this on the weekend or when I am on vacation like today. I will be honest, I cheat!

We strongly believe that pancakes made from homemade batter are almost always better than store-bought versions. Fluffy, filling, and topped with sweet maple syrup, pancakes are the ultimate comfort to an empty stomach on a cold winter morning.

So how do you like yours? Soft and fluffy? Thin and crispy? Lots of syrup, a little fruit rolled up in the middle, maybe with chocolate chips? Get the skinny on how to make the best pancakes you've ever eaten with a simple click below.

(via Supermarket Standoff: Pancake Mixes - Yahoo! Shopping.)

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