Starch lovers rejoice -- you can eat all the pasta you'd like over the next eight weeks for one low low price.

Olive Garden just announced that they are bringing back their "Never-Ending Pasta Passes" again and they go on sale tomorrow.

What does said pass get you? Simply all the pasta, soup, salad and breaksticks you can stand over the next eight weeks.

All this for just a Benjamin Franklin. Yep, $100!

There will be a total of 22,000 passes available and they'll go on sale at 1pm on Thursday, September 14th at But hurry, if you want in on this deal, you'd better be quick because last year this deal sold out in one second!

Olive Garden also threw in a twist this year. There will be 50 passes that cost $200, but with that extra $100 you get a free eight-day trip to Italy.

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