If you have ever been to Olive Garden you know how delectable their breadsticks are. I could eat those soft, buttery goodies all day long.

Might have something to do with the fact that they give them to you limitless!

Well, now the good folks at Olive Garden are about to kick it up a notch or twelve. Starting June 1st, the Italian restaurant will be introducing breadstick sandwiches!

That's right, you will soon be able to get a chicken parmesan or meatball sandwich that uses breadsticks as the roll. They'll only be available for lunch with a solid price point of $7.99 for the chicken parm and $6.99 for the meatball.

The bad news is these sandwiches aren't unlimited. But the good news is you can still get unlimited breadsticks with your sandwich. How's that for breadstick glutiny.

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