Hey guys, now might be a great time to start talking with your girl about the commercialization of Valentine's Day and that your love for each other should be the only present each of you need for the other.

Excuse me while I break for a good "rolling on the floor" laugh!

It was worth a shot, right?

According to a study, last year, Valentine's Day cost the average person $131, up from $126 the year before.

And of course men spent way more than women. Guys doled out about $176 to $89 for the gals.

The study also found that 32% of people plan on buying flowers this year, 26% will do candy, 13% say jewelry, 9% will get some sexy lingerie, and 6% of us losers will buy gift baskets.

Don't worry if you haven't bought anything yet. We're procrastinators by nature and the stats show it. Last year, Valentine's Day spending peaked on February 13th.


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