We have made it past Halloween and are now on the downhill run to Christmas. I know Thanksgiving comes first but it's almost the forgotten holiday. Our mindset is so focused on Christmas and the shopping season that we blow right by the concept of being grateful for what we have. That probably isn't a good thing. Just because it's not good for humanity and our very soul doesn't mean that Walmart won't be open on Thanksgiving afternoon trying to lure you and your Christmas money through the door.

So what's the big deal about making your own box? If you are a guy, the bane of all holiday gift giving is wrapping. If you get a gift from a lady it is usually nicely wrapped, corners neatly tucked, a bow on top and minimal tape has been used. If you get a gift from a guy it will still be in the bag it was purchased in, it will look as if raccoons were involved, or it could be misconstrued as a large wad of tape with a beat up bow attached.

Why do guys have so much trouble wrapping presents? It's the odd shapes. It's the same reason that men can fold towels and very little else. In this video you will see how easy it is to take a sheet of cardboard, corrugated paper, poster board, or other reenforced paper to create a box. The box in this video  is used for shipping but you can use the same concept to box any item you want. So if you are on my list this year you can expect your lottery tickets to be boxed up nicely and looking good under the tree.

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