Sleep is one of the most amazing remedies invented by nature. During times of sleep the human body does some amazing things. Besides snoring and drooling, our bodies actually repair and restore themselves. Sleep also allows the brain and the mind a chance to reset after the day's activities. Many cases of depression and anxiety can be traced back to sleep deprivation. We know we need it, so why don't we just go to bed?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study recently that found that nearly one in three Louisiana residents is not getting enough sleep. For most adults that sleep requirement is seven to nine hours per night. One third of Louisiana citizens are getting less than seven hours of sleep. That's a big health problem in the making.

They wake up in the morning, and they feel tired and fatigued.

Many of us are the personification of that comment made by LSU Health Shreveport Sleep Medicine and Neurology professor Oleg Chernyshev . His remarks were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

What is keeping us from sleeping?

Unfortunately you're probably using a device to read this article that is now your biggest stumbling block to a good night's sleep. The influx of computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions in the bedroom, and of course the daily stresses of life are big contributors to the bags beneath our eyes.

We have a lot of people who are sleepy driving, and they might have a car accident.

That's a very real issue . Driving while sleep deprived is quickly climbing the charts as a reason for automobile accidents. Other issues that arise as part of sleep deprivation include poor performance on the job, difficulties in relationships, and other health issues that occur because the body doesn't get enough rest.

A required length of sleep, or healthy sleep, is between 7 and 9 hours per night for the healthy adult.

If you're not getting enough sleep you  might want to consult your doctor for a sleep aid or try changing your lifestyle just a bit. These little things now could yield big results for your overall health later.

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