There was a point during the weekend while watching college and professional football I actually longed to see a political advertisement. Usually this close to an election we are sick and tired of the mud raking, barrel scraping, they're not good enough advertisements that obviously work to make us elect the lesser of two evils.

This football season that is not the case. I am so sick of one week fantasy football leagues and their idiotic commercials I could almost stop eating my chicken wings in protest. What makes these commercials featuring men without lives even more sickening is the fact that the product they are offering is illegal in the state of Louisiana. 

Louisiana is one of five states in the country that considers online fantasy football for cash against the law. Other states have ruled that because fantasy football requires skill then the contesting is not viewed as a game of chance. New Orleans based gaming lawyer Kelly Duncan explained to the Louisiana Radio Network our state's point of view on the subject.

Louisiana makes the issue of skill versus chance irrelevant. Those more responsible sites like FanDuel and DraftKings do not allow people from Louisiana to participate.

The state also has statutes on the books that prohibit gambling by computer where something of value is risked to gain a prize.  This past legislative session did see a proposal that would change the state's laws on this kind of gaming but it was pulled before it could be put to a vote.


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