The beginning of the NFL season is less than a week away and that means your fantasy football leagues are gearing up to draft if you haven't already or create a league so you can get in on all the glorious action.

The 2020 football season will undoubtedly present unique challenges within itself with the pandemic still brewing, hopefully, players can avoid the virus, and of course, the racial and social unrest in the country as sports are being boycotted.

Nevertheless, the season is going to begin September 10th as the Houston Texans visit the Kansas City Chiefs.

As draft time is here I wanted to do a little fantasy football recon so today I'm going to dive into the running back position and examine the top ten players fantasy-wise heading into 2020.

There aren't always a ton of solid options when it comes to running backs in fantasy football so that's why of extra importance to make sure you secure at least one or two of the more reliable backs in the league. So, with that being said here are my top ten guys this season:

Top 10 Fantasy Football Running Backs


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Top 10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks Heading Into 2020


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