If you are one of those people that loves to get the daylights scared out of you, Louisiana is a pretty great place to live. It's home to some of the best places to get creeped out at, and some of them are right here in Lafayette or not far from it. We've put together our best places to go around Halloween if you are looking for a good scare. Don't worry, if you're too nervous to attend any of these places, we'll forgive you...we understand!

Fright Trail

The Fright Trail is 20 acres of horror through woods, located on Cameron Street in Scott. If you're looking for zombies, killer clowns, blood thirsty demons and more, The Fright Trail is where you need to be. Not only will you get a good scare, but it's for a good cause. the Fright Trail is a major supporter of local non-profit, Literacy, Inc.


The Myrtle Plantation

The most haunted house in America + Halloween night = you won’t make it through the night. I’ve been to the Myrtle Plantation on just a regular ole Saturday in July and have been creeped out, and even have my own ghost pic of the infamous Chloe. Good luck staying the night on Halloween! The house has been around since 1796 and has many stories to tell. If you want to get a room for Halloween weekend though, hurry because it fills up quick. You can visit them on the web at www.myrtlesplantation.com or call 225-635-6277.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Hey y’all…there’s this really cool city down here called New Orleans. Ever heard of it? Go there Halloween. The most haunted city in America explodes Halloween weekend, so if you’re looking for some grown up dress up fun, New Orleans is it. Besides Bourbon Street and all that promises, you can go on graveyard tours, Marie Laveau’s, and The House of Shock. Even if you just want to go with the family, there is PLENTY to do with the kids Halloween weekend. But, don’t bring the kids down Bourbon Street. Please?


The 13th Gate

Good old 13th Gate in Baton Rouge. Straight up, it’ll scare you out of your boots. One of, if not the biggest square footage wise, haunted houses in the South. It’s a gazillion square feet of nightmare fuel, known to make grown men cry and wet their pants. BUT SO FUN! If you’re looking to have reoccurring bad dreams for the rest of your life, then get ticket and time info at the website 13thgate.com



So, you want a real live haunted house to stay at Halloween night, but you don’t want to do all the traveling. Look no further than Aaaah T’Frere’s on Verot School road in Lafayette! It’s so much more than just a Bed & Breakfast, this place will have you screaming “Aaaa my God I just saw a ghost!” Their website describes the place as “Acadian colonial architecture inspired this engaging facade. Built in 1880 of Louisiana red cypress hauled from the nearby Vermilion Bayou, the main house has four guest bedrooms.” T’Frere’s is becoming widely known throughout the country as the OTHER haunted house in Louisiana, sharing that notion only with the world famous Myrtle Plantation, so they’re in pretty good company. If you want to truly get creeped out this Halloween, book a room by calling 1-800-984-9347 or visit their website at www.tfrereshouse.com. But, don’t be fooled by the websites cute little look, a night in this place could have you running down Verot School Rd. looking for the nearest church.




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