Before Ed Orgeron was officially named head coach of the LSU Tigers he held several other positions in NCAA football. Many fans will remember Coach "O" as the head man for the University of Mississippi. During his tenure at Ole Miss Coach "O" did not have the most outstanding record. He was 10 and 25.

In typical Ole Miss fashion, there were some comments made via social media that I'd like to think were just good-natured smack talk between the two fan bases. There was one Tweet that went a little too far. That tweet actually came from the Oxford Police Department. 

The tweet seemed to poke fun at Coach Orgeron's definite south Louisiana accent.  The tweet read,


That's because many of the fans in the pretentious yet truly uncultured Ole Miss fan base thought that Louisiana accent was just too difficult to understand. If you've never been to Ole Miss I can tell you they only speak one language, snooty.

I do want to make one thing clear, this poorly thought out tweet came from an entity not officially associated with the Ole Miss athletic department. The only ties the Oxford Police have with Ole Miss athletics is when they have to arrest their players on various criminal charges throughout the year.

The department later issued an apology via their official twitter account.

We apologize to LSU Nation for our tweet earlier about Coach Orgeron. We wish him the best as Head Coach of LSU.

In case you were wondering the Ole Miss football record this year was 5 and 7. Including a Saturday beat down by in-state rival Mississippi State. Meanwhile, Coach "O" and the LSU Tigers will be headed for a postseason bowl. I am guessing members of the Oxford Police Department will be watching and cheering.

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