A Columbia University professor says eating oysters can help a person with anxiety and depression. Doctor Drew Ramsey says oysters are high in vitamin B12 and it can help reduce symptoms. Professor of Psychiatry at LSU Health New Orleans Michelle Moore said it’s another example of foods impacting brain health.

“What we eat makes a difference with our mood in that you can lower your depression levels and you can decrease anxiety,” said Moore.

Moore said the high levels of B-12 in oysters is credited for reducing brain shrinkage and the nutrients in the mollusks are also good for the brain in general…

“Oysters or even a lot of shellfish have, those things have a lot of nutrients in them that you do not find in these processed foods,” said Moore.

Studies have shown a link between long chain omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies and depression.

Moore said in addition to improving mood, oysters can improve brain power.

“It’s helping your brain to process things more quickly and more efficiently when we are eating healthier,” said Moore.

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