It's probably happened to you, you're about to pull into an empty parking space just as another vehicle attempts to pull into the same one. You have both arrived at the same time, the parking spot is really close to the store and you both want it, so what happens? As you can see in this video the horn honking and screaming have really gotten the attention of the other shoppers.What is proper protocol in this situation? Who do you think should get this parking spot?

This video makes a great point, it's not about parking at all. This video is about being courteous and kind and willing to share. So often we find ourselves trapped in our own world, oblivious to those around us. The trouble with being kind is there are entire generations of people who grew up learning how to take. They live with a sense of entitlement. That is the same reason our nation is slipping as whole. America used to be a kind place to live and work. Now it's more the exception than the rule when you encounter someone who is willing to extend a hand to a stranger. It makes me long for a much simpler time.

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