While our country has truly been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been really refreshing to see the way the citizens, well most of the citizens anyway, are fighting back against not only the health issues caused by the disease. But by the emotional and economic tragedies that have befallen the country as well.

All in Challenge

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has stepped up to the plate to put a Superbowl Ring in the mix. He's auctioning off the championship ring the team received after winning Super Bowl LI. If you don't recall, that's the game where the Atlanta Falcons held a 28-3 lead late in the game and still managed to fall apart and lose to the Patriots.

Talk about the ultimate gift for a Saints fan. I mean, if you can't have a Saints championship ring, why not have the next best thing? The ring from the game where your biggest rival choked away a championship. It would the ultimate trash talk addition to your game day ensemble. But I am pretty sure it's gonna cost you a lot of money.

The auction opened Sunday night with an opening bid of $75,000. That amount had already reached $330,000 after just six hours of bidding. The auction is scheduled to remain active for the next ten days.


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