There are so many stories that you can hear and tell at Christmas. Some involve reindeer and snowmen. Other stories  involve traveling wise men and a star. All of these stories have their right an proper place in the celebration of the season.

Many of us just accept that the Almighty descended to Earth in the form a child that first Christmas. Still others question why was there a need to do so? Why would an omnipotent being need to take the form of man in order to show mankind the ways of peace.

Legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey had a most eloquent story that explained the reasoning quite incredibly well. His story of The Man and the Birds was a fixture on his radio program every Christmas when I was growing up. The story became legendary into my early years in the radio business. It is a masterfully written essay that is delivered as only Paul Harvey can. If you're needing to feel a deeper meaning of Christmas, please spend a moment to listen.

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