An online petition has been started in Rapides Parish to have school canceled this Friday (11/01/19) due to Halloween.

The petition, started by parents and students according to, is hoping to get 2,500 signatures in an effort to have school canceled this Friday.

As I'm writing this, the petition already has well over the 2,500 signature goal.

According to the on-line petition -

"Every Halloween kid ingests a large amount of candy, making it dangerous to go to school. Let’s protect our children from going to school this Friday after getting a sugar high from eating all that candy!!!"

Well, I'm not sure kids need to be "protected from school" but...

I've always said that the day after Halloween has to be a day teachers really don't look forward to. Kids are cranky from staying up a bit later than normal or they're falling asleep in class.

No word yet from the Rapides Parish school board regarding the petition.

What do you think? Should the day after Halloween be a school holiday?

You can ready the Rapides Parish petition over at



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