Louisiana oaks are amazingly beautiful and embedded into the strong, rich heritage of the southern culture. Many different types of oak trees grow in Louisiana, including southern red oak, black oak, willow oak, swamp chestnut oak, post oak, live oak, and many many more. The oak is a symbol of home, family, strength, and culture to the people of Louisana.

Louisiana oaks can be decorated with Spanish moss and can stand 50 to 100 feet with a canopy of up to 100 feet wide. Some oaks are wide, some more tall and narrow. An oaks branches can grow out from the trunk almost like arms welcoming you into their space, welcoming you to the south, welcoming you home.

Oak trees in Louisiana have lived through wars, hurricanes, critters, and saw blades. An oak can live up to 300 years. Most oaks have seen and been through much more than the people looking at them.

Many of these gorgeous trees have been ruined by the necessity of power lines. Due to their position and location power lines have to be routed right through them and in many cases that process destroys their incredible beauty. No-fault of electric companies, people need electricity. Power companies have no choice. It's either run power cables through them or remove them completely

Power Lines Effect On Nature

The most power line damaged oaks in the heavily populated areas of Acadiana can be found on Univerity Ave, Verot School Rd. and Kaliste Saloom Rd. But the bright side is that there are thousands and thousands of beautiful oaks in Acadiana that have been untouched by man blessing us with their intended grandeur.

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