Here on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show we have a tradition on every Friday's show. Okay we have two traditions, one we scream really loud IT"S FRIDAY and then play Finally Friday by George Jones. The second of the two traditions is somebody on the crew brings a pie.

It doesn't matter what kind of pie is brought. It can be a sweet pie like Jill the Almost Invisible Intern's Apple Pie. Jen the promotions goddess brought a really nice strawberry pie. Scotty D whipped up his Granny's pecan pie, Krista made a Shepard's pie and Jude created a pie with Oreo's, whipped cream and diabetes that was really good too.

We weren't aware that our pie day tradition had crossed time zones and moved south of the equator until now. Listen in as this New Zealand police officer gives a possibly intoxicated man some sound advice about pie in the early morning hours. These are words to live by.

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