Don't expect to see or hear too many political commercials supporting candidate Hillary Clinton over Louisiana broadcast airwaves between now and November. For the Clinton campaign it's not that they don't want to get their message to the voters. It's simply the fact that a majority of voters in our state have let it be known that they don't really care for Mrs. Clinton's  political viewpoint.

A recent poll by Southern Media Research and Opinion suggested that in Louisiana Mrs. Clinton has a 60% unfavorable rating.

This poll confirms that you’re not going to see the democrats spending any money on the presidential. This is a Trump state, it’s going to stay red. The electoral votes in Louisiana will go in his corner.

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat's comments in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network seemed to suggest that voters in Louisiana have apparently made up their mind. The poll showed that if the election were held today Mr. Trump would garner 49% of the vote. Mrs. Clinton would take about 33% of the votes. The rest of the votes would be likely be split between other candidates.

Just to be transparent it's not all unicorns and sunshine for Mr. Trump in Louisiana. He does have a negatives score of 47% but that's nothing compared to the disfavor voters seem to have for Mrs. Clinton.

 Her opportunities are in what’s called the swing states and Louisiana is not one of those. We won’t see Hillary campaigning in Louisiana, she’ll be up in the swing states where she has a chance to win.

The one thing that all politicians fear the most is an educated voter. I hope you will become educated on the people running to lead our nation, our state, and our communities before you cast your ballot in November. There are also a lot of other ballot issues that will need your consideration before you head to the polls so take a minute to understand what you'll be voting for or against before you leave the voting booth. Election day is November the 8th early voting in your home town or parish will begin soon.