You're in the airport, you've just missed your flight. You are mad, you are tense and you are stressed out to the max. What should you do? Hit the bar? Well that's one way, but an easier more effective way to calm down just might be right at your fingertips. Popping bubble wrap has been shown to be just as effective in reducing stress as a 30 minute massage.


Did you know there was actually a  Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? Who knew that amazing invention that keeps our precious good protected when we ship could also provide us with a bit of mental health salvation. According to the Sealed Air Corporation a person who  spends a minute popping bubble wrap is 7% less stressed about missing a flight, 4% less stressed about botched hotel reservations and 6% less concerned about health issues.

The people who pop bubble wrap swear it is more effective than yoga or meditation because the effects are instant. Why not give it a try the next time you find yourself feeling a bit over the edge. You have to admit a sheet of bubble wrap is a lot less expensive than a spa or a therapist.

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