This El Nino Hurricane Season of 2015 has been pretty much right on par with what forecasters suggested it might be. As we sit on the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Rita's landfall in South Louisiana, there are now some interesting tropical models that indicate the Gulf of Mexico could be stirred up by early next week with a low pressure system.

Are we saying there will be a system the likes of Hurricane Rita ? No. Emphatically no. Forecast models do show the potential for a low pressure system to develop in the southern Gulf over the next few days. This system won't be a true tropical system if it does develop at all.

The thinking is that this hybrid low or sub-tropical low, should it develop would then move northward into the middle of the Gulf and create an increase in wind and wave action over a large portion of the coastline. There would also be an increased threat of rain.Especially over the eastern areas of our state into coastal Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Here is the kicker. Not all of the models are developing this system and those that are developing the system have not had the best accuracy during this tropical season. Our advice is stay close to the radio and TV and check back with us on the web over the course of the next few days as the weather picture becomes less convoluted and forecasters can get a better understanding of what information you need to be aware of.

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