As the Ragin Cajuns baseball team is looking to make a run at the College World Series, they've played host to Princeton, Arizona and Sam Houston. Princeton may have been eliminated from the regional this past Saturday, but not before the school's official blog site, TigerBlog, waxed ecstatic about how amazing they think the Lafayette area is.

Among many, numerous complimentary things TigerBlog had to say, they said they've "never seen anything like the seventh-inning stretch at UL-Lafayette. It was one of those rarest kind of moments, one that isn't staged or people going through the motions or any of that forced and phony fun."

That's a pretty big compliment. That's a very big compliment.

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TigerBlog cannot tell you how many people he met there who wanted to say hello, talk, ask about Princeton and mostly talk about how much they loved their hometown and their Ragin' Cajuns. He can't tell you how many people offered him food and something to drink, and on the times when he accepted told him he wasn't eating enough.

When seven members of the travel party - and Lafayette native and Princeton alum Ian Auzenne - were at lunch Saturday during the massive rain delay, a local fan walked up to the table and thanked everyone for how the team had played the night before. He said it was an honor to have Princeton there. That's basically how it was the whole time. 

How awesome is it that our very own Ian Auzenne was name dropped?

To TigerBlog and Princeton, thank you so much for your kind words. It was truly our pleasure to have you be a part of our community for the few days you were here. We've had teams come to Lafayette and undeservedly say some not so nice things about what we do. We're overjoyed you had such a great time here in Acadiana. Come see us again soon!

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