Almost every time I play a scratch-off game from the Louisiana Lottery I assume there must be a printing error. That's because almost every time I play a scratch-off from the Lottery I lose. Obviously, the ticket was printed incorrectly right? Wrong. That's just me wishing for undeserved riches but I do have information on a printing error concerning some of the Lottery's games of which you need to be aware.

The printing error occurred on some Lotto and Easy 5 tickets. These tickets indicated that the drawing for those games will be held on Christmas Day December 25th. There will NOT be a drawing for players of those games on that particular date.

The Louisiana Lottery announced earlier that no Louisiana based games would have a drawing on Christmas Day. The multi-state Powerball game, that will go on as usual for Christmas night.

So, what do I do if I bout a Lotto or Easy 5 ticket that has the wrong date printed on it?

The short answer is nothing. The slightly longer answer is this. Lotto and Easy 5 tickets generated for a December 25 draw date will be good for the next regularly scheduled drawing on Saturday, December 28. So, basically hold on to your tickets.

There were 17,964 Lotto tickets and 10,722 Easy 5 tickets affected by the printing error. If you have a question or concern you can contact the Louisiana Lottery via their website.

Good Luck! Please play responsibly.



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