Popsicle's are always a treat to me. I like the way the cold goodness on a stick makes my throat feel after I have been flapping my gums for five hours on the radio. I've always thought of Popsicle's as kind of a guilt free treat. How many calories could be in a Popsicle right?

Well it's not so much about calories as it is about artificial sweeteners and other not so healthy things. Who has time to make their own frozen treats? Well it turns out that you and I do and we can do it better and in a more healthy way than maybe the store bought brands can. At least we know for sure what goes into our frozen treats.

I know it's almost Christmas and the weather is supposed to be cold but it isn't and won't be for a few more days. If you've got hungry kids and want to give them a healthy tasty after school treat watch this video. It seems to be beyond simple and it's good for them too.