I think I may have a problem with popsicles. To put a finer point on it, it's not popsicles I have a problem with so much as it is how many popsicles I eat. I'm not completely sure just how bad my problem has gotten, so I'm reaching out to you to see what you think.

It's hot, and I love nothing more than to reach into the freezer and grab a couple of ice cold fruity popsicles to cool my core. I have a lil ritual where I take Fla-Vor-Ice popscicles and put 2 the microwave for 15 seconds. It breaks em down ever so slightly to a consistency that seriously pleases my brain. It's not just those popscicles I abuse, I'll devour the regular twins, fruit bars, and Italian ice at a rate that will make your head spin.

What I need for you to tell me is, am I eating too many? OK, I know I that I do, but how out of control am I? Now, I'm going to be open an honest with you in the hopes you won't judge me, OK? I'm taking you to the darkest place in my soul, so put on your seat belts.

On a typical weekday evening, over about 3-4 hours, it's not uncommon for me to blast through 6 to 8 popscicles. You see, it's got be an even number because I have to eat them in pairs. To further the issue, I continuously justify repeated trips to the freezer by telling myself that, hey, it's only ice. Sure, there's sugar, but it's pretty much just ice, so how bad can it actually be for me?

The weekends are full of shame, as I don't even keep count of how many I eat. "Relax, it's the weekend, don't punish yourself" is what I keep saying in my head. I honestly couldn't say how many, but it's gotta be double what I eat on a weekday.

I've gone so far lately as to scale back on dinner to make room for my popsicle intake. I know, it's a horrible thing to do. I'm probably developing scurvy as I type this.

So, now that I've opened my soul, what do you think? How bad is it? Is there any hope for me? How many do you eat?