The Summer heat has arrived and it looks like it's going to be here until the middle of September. While there is really nothing we can do about the excessive heat there are things we can do to make it bearable.

One of my favorite treats as a kid was a Popsicle. I liked the orange flavored Popsicle. They are usually the ones that no one else wants and I always had plenty. The simple yet elegant Popsicle was on my mind when Chef Jill McCoy and I spoke earlier this week about today's Foodie Friday article.

Chef Jill said the heat in Austin was pretty bad too and the idea of delicious summer treat seemed like a good idea to explore. When I say explore, let me just say Chef Jill knocked this treat out of the park.

While these treats are more Dreamsicle than Popsicle they are just as fruity and refreshing. The difference by the way is the Popsicle usually leaves out the dairy elements.

Besides the fresh flavor of the pineapple and the mango, both of which are in season and readily available at most markets, is the ease in which this can be made. This is a perfect summertime project for kids. I love recipes that get kids in the kitchen.

If you can cut up fruit, measure ingredients,operate a blender, and put things in a freezer you can make these Dreamsicles. On a hot July afternoon you will be mighty glad that you did.