I suppose when we were created we were given the physical qualities that we now sport outwardly today. Other than serious injury or surgery there really isn't a way to drastically change the way we look to others.


However, this observational narrative is not so much about how we actually look but how others perceive to know what we are thinking with a single glance. It's kind of how  people on Facebook can make a decisions on your moral, cultural, and theological beliefs based on a cat picture you posted.


The subject we are discussing here is known as R.B.F.  or Resting Bitch Face. I apologize if you're offended by the "B" word. If you are you should really get over yourself because it's a made up term anyway.

What is Resting Bitch Face or Resting Bitch Face Syndrome? The term applies mainly to females who don't look pleasant or happy when they're expressionless. I know it's unfair, it's not right, and it usually doesn't apply to men. It's one more way the females of the culture can feel even more insecure about living in the world around them.

Since the value of a woman is based entirely on her physical appearance there is no hope for those with this condition. This is sarcasm in case you didn't pick up on it. Actually some studies have shown that women who have been "diagnosed" with R.B.F. are actually better communicators than women who haven't been given the syndrome by society.

Women who also display this made up trait are also blessed with a better sense of self-awareness. In other words these ladies know who they are and really don't need you or society to put them in a box.

Among the famous movers and shakers the all to catty public have bestowed the honor of R.B.F. include Queen Elizabeth, Demi Moore, Kristen Stewart, Grumpy Cat, and Kanye West.  Yes R.B. F. does affect some men and animals too.

But as you can see, it's not the end of the world. Personally I think it's better that the world think you're mad and you not be than to be mad and have everyone think you're happy. I don't know if I have Resting Bitch Face or not, no one has ever mentioned it to me and if they did, I wouldn't really care.

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