Raising Cane's announced on Monday that it will be hiring thousands of new workers and giving its current employees bonuses for missing hours due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Louisiana-based fast food chain said in a news release that it will hire 5,000 new employees for its restaurants worldwide.

The company will also be distributing $2 million in bonuses to its crewmembers who helped keep the restaurants open throughout the pandemic.

Raising Cane's says that none of its workers have been laid off since the beginning of the outbreak.

AJ Kumaran, co-CEO of the nearly 500 store Cane's had the following to say:

When the crisis began, we created a mantra ‘NO CREW LEFT BEHIND,’ and I made a promise that we would all get through this together. Our Crew has continued to stay positive while working incredibly hard, and some even reduced their hours in order to keep everyone’s job safe. We are extremely grateful for their shared sacrifice and are blessed to have such an amazing Crew. Thanks to their hard work, Raising Cane’s will come out of this crisis even stronger than before. I couldn’t be prouder and more thankful for each and every one of our Restaurant Leaders and Crewmembers.

The $2 million payout is going towards making up the hours that each employee had to give up at the beginning of the pandemic in order to keep all workers employed.

Kumaran along with founder and Co-CEO Todd Graves also announced last month they were forgoing their salaries to help out during the outbreak.

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