We all love to catch something, okay as long as it's not the flu, on the parade routes during Mardi Gras. For most of those throws the joy of collecting them lasts as long as it takes to get them in the car. Then they become clutter. However, some throws are really useful and serve a purpose for the days beyond Fat Tuesday. Here's how I value my Mardi Gras loot.


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    Moon Pies

    Like a sugary bolt of lightning from out of the blue floats this delectable edible "nom nom" that's perfect for the parade route. Everybody gets hungry clamoring for goodies to be tossed in their direction so when the goodies are actually good to eat and they provide a nice boost of energy I am all for that.

  • AwesomeDocumentary via YouTube
    AwesomeDocumentary via YouTube


    These are the only non-edible Mardi Gras throws that are worth hanging on to, at least if we are speaking in general terms. I have a cupboard full of various faded cups from Mardi Gras past that we still use on a regular basis. If I catch a Moon Pie and cup on the parade route, it's been a good day for me.

  • Parade People via YouTube
    Parade People via YouTube

    Footballs, Frisbees

    Parade watching is a lot like going to the DMV. There is a lot of waiting and time that needs to be killed. If you happen to have caught a football or frisbee then your problem is solved. It also gives you a chance to meet those next to along the parade route when your Matt Ryan style pass sails into their barbeque grill.

  • AwesomeDocumentary via YouTube
    AwesomeDocumentary via YouTube


    You don't see a lot of gadgets these days since they are pretty cost prohibitive. Things like bottle openers, key chains, sunglasses, and Slinkys are cheap but they aren't as cheap as beads. Gadgets are cool because you might actually use them a day or two past Mardi Gras. That makes the trouble you went through to grab them and carry them more worthwhile.

  • Elaine Sarantakos via YouTube
    Elaine Sarantakos via YouTube


    I know, I know, I know, you want to pull my Mardi Gras card for putting beads at the bottom of the list. Most beads are nothing more than a one day one trick pony. Then they get caught in your vacuum cleaner. I will say a nice strand of beads is a good thing to grab. Out of the hundreds of beads, I might grab over Mardi Gras I usually hang on to maybe two or three strands. The rest I will donate to LARC because that what's you should do with them.

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