I am not anti-Christmas Tree. I just have some disagreements with how they affect my life. Sure these disagreements are all superficial and make me sound like a Scrooge but sometimes the magic of Christmas is not comfortable.

The first issue I have with Christmas Trees is they take up space. That space that is taken up is usually the space my big fat butt needs to walk in. Here at the radio station I roam these halls in the dark. I don't like to turn on lights. I navigate like a bat does, by sound and by feel. If you put  up a Christmas Tree in the middle of my normal path I will run into it. I actually fell into the tree we put up last year. I know I am kind of an idiot.

Another issue I have with Christmas Trees is they make me sneeze. It's probably all the dust and dander that accumulates over 11 months in an attic or storage shed. My nose is sensitive and  when it gets clogged I can't talk. When I can't talk, I can't work. When I can't work I can't afford presents to put under a tree.

Okay, I am out of Scrooge mode. Christmas Trees do cause issues for a lot of people who have allergies. There are ways to wash, vacuum, and blow off artificial trees to reduce the allergens. You can actually take your garden hose and spray a real tree before you set it up in the stand. You just need to make sure you give it time to drip dry.

Regardless, the tree is only part of the symbols of the season. The real reason resides in our hearts. I just don't want to sneeze mine out waiting for Christmas Day.

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